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AI empowers smart business and comprehensively enhances business value

Taking consumers as the core, relying on the industry-leading commercial AI intelligent application platform (human-machine collaboration platform) and rich industry practical experience, empowering commercial customers to achieve the business goals of reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving sales, and creating a better consumer experience for consumers, achieving the vision of AI defining a smart life.


  • 30

    Public Security Practice in Provincial Administrative Regions


    Collaborative Construction Platform of the Ministry of Public Security


    Important project cooperation with the Ministry of Public Security

  • 1 billion+

    Logarithm of daily ratio



    27 types

    Solution for Public Security Industry Scenarios

  • 82.8%

    National Head Office Platform Occupancy


    Cooperative Bank


    Logarithm of daily average ratio

    14.7Ten thousand

    Intelligent service bank branches

  • 1 Billion+

    Real time data calculation capability for risk control


    Solutions for Banking Industry Scenarios


Success cases

  • A Hong Kong listed commercial management group

    By combining artificial intelligence technologies such as body shape clustering, ReID, human body recognition, and SLAM, Yuncong Technology helps customers accurately obtain on-site passenger flow data for various projects without infringing on privacy, becoming a powerful tool for refined project operation.

  • A Hong Kong funded developer project

    Cloud has helped customers expand from "one-dimensional" to "multi-dimensional" data through technology, providing multi-dimensional data statistics for venues, business formats, floors, stores, and even the duration of passing, entering, and staying.

  • A certain regional project

    The project is positioned as the most commercially valuable urban complex in the north of Guangzhou, divided into two regions: east and west, with a pure commercial volume of 240000 square meters. Yuncong Technology has helped customers achieve effective diversion of passenger flow in the East West region and activation of member points.

  • A large-scale cultural and tourism project of a central enterprise

    Yuncong Technology has comprehensively integrated passenger flow data from three major business formats and provided effective drainage tools. At the same time, it applies static head and shoulder tracking technology to provide real-time regional detention data for managers, effectively controlling pedestrian flow and avoiding accidents.

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