Community operations


Intelligent community

Improving community management efficiency, enhance safety precautions, and improving residents' quality of life

Advantage Analysis

Dozens of algorithms integrated at multiple points, available to be accessed and expanded flexibly on demand.

Dozens of multi-modal algorithms accumulated focusing on community governance, service and other scenarios, ready to be accessed and empowered quickly on demand based on the actual needs of customers.

Fully applied function system for communities’ intelligence

A triple user application system from government, property management to residents, for achieving a complete closed-loop business and providing intelligent support for the community.

Realizing throughout management and service until the last 100m

Breaking through the bottleneck of insufficient community management resources and providing considerate, convenient and intelligent service capabilities for grassroots management and services.

Rich practical experience in intelligent communities

Best practice products supported by the programme implementation experience of hundreds of communities.

Business Modules

Community Safety

Community’s early warning and emergency response capabilities will be fully improved by a three-dimensional monitoring system built with intelligent access control, video, and AI sensing technologies.

Community Governance

Intelligent means should be applied to promote the downward shift of the focus of social governance and services and the sinking of resources to communities, so as to realize digital and scientific grid management, and improve community management and service efficiency.

Community Service

Providing residents with convenient and efficient intelligent services such as elderly care, education, and medical care.Improving the community's online and offline government service capabilities and building an intelligent life service circle for the convenience and benefit to the people.

Community Party Building

Building an intelligent community party building platform with the help of Internet, big data and other technologies.Promoting the IT adoption of community party building work and party member management services.


Municipal governance

Improving the efficiency of detecting urban incidents and promoting the comprehensive upgrade of risk prevention and control measures

Advantage Analysis

Flexible resource organization serves for business applications

Equipment can be organized by location, scene, topic, etc., making it easier and more intuitive to find.

Algorithm fusion makes research and judgment more accurate

Analysis and algorithms are merged, realizing man-machine non-correlated analysis and expanding the spatio-temporal analysis dimension.

Perception is fully aggregated to merge views and IoT sensing data

It fully aggregates government data and social data, as well as various data from the Internet sensing end, and empowers city operation and management by breaking down barriers among different fields and regions.

Rich technical and tactical models, of which expert users can customize the models

The model training platform integrates intelligent algorithm and training, and generates model algorithms that meet industry needs based on scenario data.

Business Modules

Municipal Command and Dispatch

Relying on the grid platform and GIS geographic information system, information such as grid inspectors, videos, organization teams, houses, events, unit locations, etc. are deployed on the map for unified display and management, which facilitates leaders to make timely and effective commands for events and cross-departmental collaboration, thereby, building an unified command and dispatch system that vertically connects the city, county and township levels.

Grassroots Governance

Based on the "one network" of social governance at the grassroots level, relevant grassroots work of comprehensive management, public security, civil affairs, justice, administration, comprehensive urban management, environmental protection, housing construction, food and drugs, safety supervision, fire protection and other departments are included in the grid service management system as needed, realizing "one network with full coverage" and "one member with multiple functions."

Risk Prevention and Control

Relying on intelligent algorithm analysis, the knowledge centre can provide early warning of abnormal events such as key social crowd gatherings, key behaviours, key places, etc., timely discover social risk points, and promote to actively discover risk issues rather than to dispose them passively.
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