Gate Controller by Video Face Recognition

Product advantages


Integrated products with face gate control + video monitoring + voice broadcast + wireless network;

Uninterrupted duty

Front-end face 1:N comparison. It can work offline;

Face recognition

Supporting mask detection and mask-wearing face recognition;

Function description

  • Adopting a high-performance 2 MP 1/2.7” CMoS image sensor, with good performance even in low illumination;

  • Supporting output 2 MP (1920x1080) @30fps, fixed focus lens 8mm/2.8mm optional;

  • Supporting infrared fill-in light, enabling all-weather face recognition and video monitoring;

  • Supporting wide dynamic range, 3D noise reduction, strong light inhibition, backlight compensation, and digital watermark;

  • Supporting a maximum face database of 60,000 faces. Its effective face recognition distance is 1~5 meters;

  • Face recognition time <0.3 seconds, supporting "one-to-one" models and functions, dual-channel cameras of the host and auxiliary machines performing video output, face recognition, and access control at the same time;

  • Supporting networking mode and stand-alone mode;

  • Supporting 4G/WlFl wireless network and wired network;

  • Built-in speaker, supporting humanized voice broadcast;

  • Supporting DC12V power supply;

  • Supporting lp66 protection level;

Application scenarios

Access control scenarios such as communities, parks, hospitals, schools, buildings, enterprises, governments, parking lots, etc.
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