CloudWalk Human-Machine Cooperative Operating System

CloudWalk Human-Machine Cooperative Operating System (CWOS)

CWOS serves as a central management platform for data, models and knowledge. It is a future-oriented "operating system for the intelligent era" and the basic base for the operation of all types of "digital humans." CWOS helps governments and enterprises carry out all-round intelligent upgrades, helping governments and enterprises open the closed loop from perception, cognition, decision-making to action, and achieve human-machine cooperative development.

Product advantages

Data Structuring

AI capability platform, for realizing data structuring, breaking down data silos, conducting data governance, and digging data value;

Resource scheduling

Basic services, providing basic capabilities such as resource scheduling, deployment monitoring, authorization management, monitoring and diagnosis, and user permissions;

Intelligent Business Flow

Intelligent business flow, realizing API orchestration and integration of basic AI capabilities, and quickly developing intelligent AI applications;

AI Engine Integration Management

Developer centre, providing integrated management of multiple AI engines from multiple manufacturers to achieve unified governance of AI capabilities;

Device management

Device management with quick access to various devices, supporting multi-device protocols, device management and OTA upgrades;

Full range of AI capabilities

CloudWalk Human-Machine Cooperative Operating System (CWOS) provides a full range of AI capabilities to promote the efficient application of AI technology in business systems and realize intelligent upgrades of business systems;
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