Digital human

Digital human

Intelligent digital human generation

Efficiently creating highly realistic and personalized virtual digital human image videos through uploaded face images or videos

Advantage Analysis

Digital Human Capability Platform

It integrates digital human production, content creation and other services, and uses the digital human core technology to realize the one-stop platform of creating, educating and employing people. The digital human client is displayed in various forms for natural human-computer interaction.

Full stack AI Capabilities

We have core technical capabilities for digital humans, such as ASR (automatic speech recognition), TTS (Text to Speech), NLP (natural language processing), face recognition and other technical capabilities.

Business Modules

Digital Customer Service

With the help of APP, smart large-screen all-in-one machine, PC, mini program, H5 and other terminal display forms, it provides users with services such as interaction, consultation, explanation, customer service, and tour guide that are infinitely close to real people.

Digital Commentator

For the large screen in the exhibition hall, without modifying the existing system, the explanation content is edited through the platform, and the large screen system is explained by the topmost suspending digital human on the large screen. During the explanation, the mouse is simulated to operate the system automatically.

AI Anchor

AI anchors use technologies such as speech synthesis, lip-motion synthesis, expression synthesis, and deep learning to clone AI synthetic anchors with the same reporting capabilities as real anchors.
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