Intelligent Customs


valid control and rapid clearance, providing an efficient and accurate supervision model

Advantage Analysis

Dozens of algorithms integrated at multiple points, available to be accessed and expanded flexibly on demand.

Focusing on customs inspection, passenger inspection, free trade zone and other scenarios, dozens of multi-modal algorithms (people, vehicles, seal numbers, container numbers, certificate OCR, etc.) have been accumulated to quickly enable on-demand access based on the actual needs of customers.

Closed-loop AI technology to help develop customs through technologies

It integrates digital twin, AR visualization, business visualization, multi-algorithm container, multi-algorithm fusion and other technologies to provide intelligent support for various customs business scenarios and help develop customs through technologies.

Business Modules

Intelligent Warning

A full-chain supervision of real-scene monitoring, intelligent early warning and real-time disposal can be built, with business early warning information loaded in real-scene monitoring, to conduct intelligent identification of objects under supervision such as personnel, luggage, vehicles, ships, containers, certificates, etc. on the video of the supervised site to solve the problem of time-consuming, labour-intensive and passive watching afterward and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customs supervision.

Smart Passenger Inspection

Deployment, tracking and interception of risky personnel and risky luggage can be realized to monitor the entire process of customs clearance for inbound and outbound personnel.

Intelligent Verification

Targeted identification training on certificate OCR for the health certificate templates, veterinary officer signature information, animal and plant quarantine certificate templates, and animal and plant visa officer information of major trading countries will be conducted for developing automatic input of intelligent verification, associated retrieval, seal comparison, and self-service drafting function.

Container Whole Process Supervision

With container as the basic unit of monitoring and tracking, we can obtain the real-time location, entry and exit status, customs clearance status and other information of container-related ships and cargos.

Command Coordination

The production operation area will be visualized through three-dimensional models and video real scenes, and combining it with intelligent video analysis, intelligent image review and other technical means to realize vehicle arrival and unloading, loading and departure monitoring, dynamic monitoring of warehouse operations, image backtracking, and operation abnormality warning. It will link and coordinate with the customs command system to schedule inspection operations and monitor and command on-site emergencies.
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