Smart transportation


Vehicle-mounted intelligent analysis

Creating a comprehensive perception and analysis system along the public transport route to assist the construction of smart transportation

Advantage Analysis

Data analysis of "floating vehicles" along the route

Analyzing videos of vehicles traveling along the route is an important part of the traffic data source for intelligent transportation construction

Leading AI Algorithm Analysis

Based on deep learning of visual algorithms, it accurately identifies road obstacles (trash cans, manhole covers, and spills), marking lines, traffic light failures, etc.

Application Scenarios

Data Board-Cockpit

Presenting the overall situation based on GIS map
Overall situation: overview of number of people at the stop, pedestrian and vehicle incidents, and various road conditions incidents
Pedestrians along the route: real-time/historical ranking of the number of people at the stop, and distribution map of pedestrian gathering situation
Vehicles along the route: distribution situation map of traffic congestion and illegal parking incidents
Road conditions along the route: abnormal weather, traffic light failure, damaged road markings, road conditions

Bus Back-End Intelligent Analysis Application

Specific analysis and application of the number of people at the stops, pedestrian and vehicle incidents, and various road conditions incidents.
Displaying various data analysis statistics and abnormal events based on GIS map
Displaying various data analysis statistics and abnormal events based on list
Event triggering rules and linkage processing settings
Supporting viewing associated historical videos

Resource Management

Management and maintenance of basic information such as routes, stops (up/down), vehicles, etc. of the public transport, supporting access from third-party related platforms


Intelligent rail transit

people-centered safe traffic management, station-centered collaborative operation management

Advantage Analysis

High-precision face recognition algorithm

It supports 1:N recognition of tens of millions of faces, with millisecond-level response for face scan, supports mask-wearing face recognition, and is suitable for scenes with complex lighting;

High performance vision/speech AI algorithm

The speech algorithm serves intelligent customer service, and the vision algorithm is used in intelligent stations to support speech analysis and processing of massive city-level videos;

Comprehensive and Accurate Passenger Flow Analysis

It covers precise passenger flow analysis from the station hall, platform to carriages, performs head-and-shoulder analysis on the panoramic camera of the carriages, and supports simulation analysis of passenger flow routes;

Full-process Intelligent Rail Transit Practical Experience

Project cases such as face scan ride, intelligent stations, and accurate passenger flow have been running stably in many cities across the country, with full-process project implementation experience;

Business Modules

Face Scan Ride

It’s based on the face recognition algorithm platform that supports tens of millions of face databases, providing services such as face registration, face-scan passing, and online deductions. It only takes millisecond for the face-scan system to respond.

Intelligent Station

Based on the station's high-definition webcam video streaming and combined with visual AI algorithm analysis, it provides real-time monitoring and early warning of abnormal behaviours and abnormal status of equipment at the station.

Precise Passenger Flow

Relying on high-definition webcam from the station hall, platform to the carriages, it can provide real-time monitoring and early warning of the passenger flow routes and density of the station hall/platform/carriage.

Security Control

Relying on high-definition cameras in subway depots and subway construction sites, we can realize the safety behaviour management of construction personnel and 360° status monitoring of key vehicle components.
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