Digital Human Service Platform

Galaxy Digital Human Service Platform

Galaxy Digital Human Service Platform integrates core algorithms such as digital human drive, language foundation model, command comprehension, 3D modelling, speech recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language processing self-developed by CloudWalk, and supports digital human modelling, digital human interaction, intelligent dialogue, knowledge Q&A, multi-round dialogue, multi-modal interaction and other audio-visual interaction capabilities, providing customers with a set of end-to-end digital human solutions and empowering intelligent finance, intelligent governance, intelligent culture and tourism, intelligent media, intelligent transport, intelligent retail and other industry solutions.

Product advantages

Advanced Platform Technology

Based on microkernel, distributed, and highly available architecture, it implements modularization and microservices, supports lightweight deployment, privatized deployment, and rapid service expansion. High data availability and high service availability enable it to support large-scale, highly concurrent business requirements.

Powerful Algorithms

Possessing core algorithm technologies such as algorithm training framework and zero-code training, and self-developed core algorithms such as digital human algorithm and foundation model algorithms. It had won multiple world championships in algorithm such as face recognition, speech recognition, 3D modelling, and natural language understanding.

Closed-loop Audio-visual Interaction

Supporting man-machine interaction capabilities such as 2D digital human interaction, 3D digital human interaction, multi-modal audio-visual interaction, intelligent voice interaction, VR/AR interaction, command understanding and execution, intelligent multi-round dialogue, etc.

Ecological Cooperation and Opening UP

Supporting adaptation to localized computing capacity such as Huawei, Sugon, Cambricon, and Bitmain; supporting integration and adaptation of third-party vendor algorithms; and supporting adaptation to common clients such as Android, IOS, Windows, and Web; supporting external HTTP services interface.

Function description

  • Digital Human Asset Management

    Supporting digital human IP management, 2D image management, 3D image management, image element library management, multimedia material management and other capabilities.

  • Digital Human Content Arrangement

    Supporting knowledge base management, sensitive word management, explanation management, video composition and arrangement, intelligent interaction arrangement and other capabilities

  • Digital Human Algorithm Engine

    Supporting digital human modelling algorithms, digital human drive algorithms, large language model algorithms, multi-modal perception algorithms, speech recognition algorithms, speech synthesis algorithms, multimedia content review algorithms and other capabilities.

  • Digital Human Application Service

    Supporting APP client application, PC client application, Web client application, intelligent commentator application, intelligent customer service application, intelligent anchor application, intelligent assistant application and other capabilities

  • Basic Resource Scheduling Management

    Supporting algorithm management, device management, user management, authority management, O&M management and other capabilities

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