Smart Container

Product advantages

Self developed algorithm

Efficient and accurate with CloudWalk’s self-developed algorithm;

Reduce costs

No restriction on SKU, increasing per customer transaction; no requirements for placement, reducing operating costs;

Stable and reliable

Stable and reliable integrated design;

Function description

  • Volume: bulk volume 480L, net volume 426L;

  • Power consumption: 2.5KWh/24h;

  • Energy efficiency rate: 2;

  • Net weight/gross weight: 95/113Kg;

  • Internal dimensions WxDxH (mm): 596*564*1410;

  • Overall dimensions WxDxH (mm): 680*670*2025;

  • Refrigeration method: air cooling;

  • Number of layers: 5 layers;

  • Inside top lights on both sides, voltage 12V, power 12W;

  • With RoHS certification;

Application scenarios

Vending machine placement areas in office buildings, schools, factories, hospitals, canteens, communities, etc.;
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