Galaxy Artificial Intelligence Platform

Galaxy Artificial Intelligence Platform

The Galaxy Artificial Intelligence Platform is based on the artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, man-machine interaction, Internet of Things, virtual/augmented reality and other technologies accumulated by CloudWalk Technology over the years to realize closed-loop perception, cognition, and decision-making from the physical world to the digital world, thereby helping customers to achieve transformation from information technology adoption to digitalization and to automation. Starting from user needs, Galaxy Platform provides customers with a set of end-to-end AI overall solutions, empowering industry solutions such as intelligent finance, intelligent governance, intelligent transport, intelligent commerce, and intelligent cities.

Product advantages

Rich AI perception capabilities

Rich AI perception capabilities realize full multi-modal perception of people, vehicles, objects, fields, text, audio and video, etc., achieve the digitalization and structuring of the physical world, and support flexible on-demand combination deployment to adapt to various AI scenarios.

The end-to-end

The end-to-end AI scheduling layer decomposes complex business layer tasks into multiple AI capability engine calls, and realizes efficient end-to-end mapping from the business layer to AI capabilities through flexible task arrangement;

Top-notch AI research capabilities

Top-notch AI research capabilities have won championships in many authoritative competitions at home and abroad, such as competitions of face recognition, person re-identification, action recognition, OCR, speech recognition, etc., and have won hundreds of first places in real-life scenario POC in various industries;

Improve efficiency

The high-level semantic AI gateway abstracts AI capabilities from the user's perspective to provide the caller with a high-level business-oriented interface, lowers the threshold for AI use, and improves the efficiency of AI application development;

Signal fusion

Powerful spatio-temporal correlation memorywith multi-dimensional signal fusion for image search by images, file search by images, spatio-temporal collision, and correlation clustering, combining global features and local features to achieve high-accuracy spatio-temporal correlation analysis, and supporting hundreds of millions of large-scale data analysis;


Closed-loop training, inference and feedback, using unsupervised and weakly supervised training methods to achieve self-learning and evolution of the system while ensuring data privacy;

Function description

  • OCR

    OCR capability integrates deep learning and various image processing technologies to provide rich and comprehensive text recognition services, and supports complex scene recognition such as misalignment, stamping, tilting, text overlay, and random rotation;

  • NLP

    NLP capabilities provide users with services such as automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language understanding (NLU), natural language generation (NLG), and Text to Speech (TTS), which can be applied to intelligent Q&A, conference transcription, customer service QC, man-machine interaction and other scenarios.

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