Bai Ze Data Aggregation Governance Platform

Bai Ze Data Aggregation Governance Platform

Bai Ze Data Aggregation Governance Platform is a one-stop data platform with life cycle data management and data governance capabilities. It solves the problem of data silos through data aggregation, provides intelligent data exploration and management components, and realizes a life cycle management from data source, data collection and aggregation, data storage and computing, data quality management to data analysis services.

Product advantages

Quick access

Supporting rapid access to multi-source heterogeneous data, supporting access to structured data and unstructured data, and supporting offline and real-time streaming-batch integrated data processing.

AI data lake

AI data lake, based on powerful fully structured analysis, integrates the storage, application and computing of distributed and global data, and supports the use of standardized SQL+X language for multi-source heterogeneous data;

AI data governance

AI data governance, transforming the overall data management into "intelligence automation" through intelligent exploration + intelligent collection + low code + engineering data management tools and 100+ AI algorithms/functions.

Data cycle system

Data full life cycle system matrix that meets the requirements for data full life cycle management, including full-process data management functions such as data access, data development, data governance, data services, data security, data quality, data assets, data analysis, to help government and enterprises achieve rapid digital transformation.

Task scheduling engine

Self-developed task scheduling engine, efficiently supporting different data processing processes through intelligent scheduling strategies and supporting cross-cycle dependent task scheduling, whichensures the accuracy of data by means of data versions during task running.

Adapt to localization

Localized systematic full-stack adaptation.
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