Smart energy

Smart Energy

Smart Rail Transit

Human-centered safe passage management and station centered collaborative operation management

Program Value

Energy Costs Reduction

Accurate energy consumption and energy efficiency analysis guides efficient energy use and reduces energy consumption costs.It automatically runs the optimal energy-saving strategy based on load forecasting, saving the overall energy by 10-15%.

Management Efficiency Improvement

Automatically detecting and diagnosing system faults help achieve intelligent automatic management and control of equipment.Visual management and maximized operational efficiency improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance personnel.Dynamic display of running status helps detect running problems in a timely manner.

Maintenance Costs Reduction

Controlling the energy consumption level of the air conditioning system at any time helps optimize the system operating conditions and avoid downtime or damage caused by improper manual operation, making the system operation safer, reducing equipment maintenance costs, and extending the service life of important equipment by 2-5 years

Business Modules

Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency Analysis

With experts’ experience, we build an in-depth energy consumption and energy efficiency index analysis system to achieve multi-level analysis from the system side, sub-system side, equipment side, etc., and conduct comprehensive judgment and monitoring of indicators based on national energy consumption and energy efficiency index standards and experts’ industry experience.

Energy Saving Diagnosis and Suggestions

We accurately locate energy consumption problems according to the energy-saving indicator system, and output energy-saving diagnosis reports such as diagnostic problems, diagnostic suggestions, and transformation suggestions to leaders or experts.

Energy Saving Optimization

Our energy-saving optimization model is designed basing on past operating experience data and work characteristics to output energy-saving optimization strategies, and dynamically control the energy system according to climate changes and actual load demands.
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