Intelligent Airport


ONEID covers the entire process with face scanning, creating a new model of intelligent transport

Advantage Analysis

Massive Cases

We have gone deep into the civil aviation industry, and the products have been implemented in 100+ civil aviation airports

Information Security

Complete data encryption strategy, transmission security strategy and data security strategy to ensure the security of personal information

Leading technology, with independent intellectual property rights

Independently developed AI technology provides professional computer vision algorithms

Rich practical experience in intelligent communities

Best practice products supported by the programme implementation experience of hundreds of communities.

Intelligent Terminal

All-In-One Manual Check-in Counter Machine

Face registration, self-service seat selection, overdue charges, face scan payment

Self-service Security Check Machine

Built-in ID card reader, barcode reader, passport reader, face recognition gate machine head, etc., allowing passengers to quickly pass through security checks

Intelligent Navigation Display

It has built-in identity recognition cameras and license recognition capabilities, and provides services such as personal flight information checking, airport announcements, weather reports, visitor navigation, and boarding route navigation.

All-in-one Boarding Machine

It has built-in identity recognition camera, barcode scanning area, ID card reader, etc. for fast face scan boarding and eliminates the bug of boarding with other’s ticket.


Apron operations analysis - ensuring production safety, reducing manual operations, and improving efficiency

Advantage Analysis

Enabling the A-CDM System

Multi-node, high-accuracy node time extraction, with data enabling the A-CDM system; complying with the "Technical Specifications for Airport Collaborative Decision-Making System"

High Accuracy

It can accurately locate the direction of the aircraft's geometric skeleton and the direction of the vehicle's geometric skeleton, and accurately analyze spatial logical nodes such as the front, rear, left, and right cargo doors and passenger doors.

Improving Performance

Highly efficient automatic collection and electronic archiving facilitate retrieval; supervisors’ 1:1 on-site duty is converted to one-to-many supervision in the background; intelligent Q&A assistant improves personnel’s awareness of norms; it also provides suggestions for optimization of the support process

Guaranteed Security

Supervision of daily guarantee is standardized; safety hazards are analysed and reported

Business Module

Flight Support Operation Node Acquisition

It supports viewing and switching of real-time multi-channel videos (of one aircraft parking stand), time series of flight support nodes, including aircraft status display and special vehicle status display; providing milestone node data docking for the business system (A-CDM).

Aircraft Parking Stand Operation Rule Settings

The Civil Aviation Administration of China's airport apron operation management system and apron on-site regulations are analysed by the rules engine to realize the system's interpretation of the rules and automatically generate system operation rules.

Aircraft Parking Stand Operation Management

The operating rules for special aircraft parking stand are defined, and the system will automatically identify the implementation of the special aircraft parking stand operation rules and automatically provide alarms for violations.

Inspection of the placement status of apron facilities and equipment

Equipment and vehicles required for apron parking stand support operations should be placed and parked in designated areas in accordance with regulations, and automatic alarms should be prompted for violations.

Aircraft Operation Support Management

It provides functions such as aircraft parking stand applicability inspection, operation support inspection, aircraft departure management, abnormal behaviour alarm of ramp personnel, and early warning of corridor bridge monitoring personnel not in place in time.
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