Dig AI edge computing device

Dig AI edge computing device

The Dig AI edge computing device is an embedded AI edge computing device independently developed by Cloudwalk that supports multi-algorithm fusion and can load algorithms and applications on demand. It aims to export leading AI capabilities in a standard, efficient and cost-effective form and embrace the three-wave era of artificial intelligence. It can be equipped with multiple algorithm engines such as "people", "car", and "non-motor vehicle" all targets, attribute detection, recognition, and behavior analysis at the same time. Algorithm combinations can be flexibly selected according to needs to meet the needs of various business scenarios such as finance, security, commerce, communities, parks, industry, construction, education, medical care, and transportation.

Product advantages

AI capability customization

Algorithm engines, models, applications and authorizations can be flexibly loaded and updated according to customer needs;

Compatible with older hardware devices

Supports access to original equipment such as IPC, NVR, and capture cameras for seamless intelligent upgrades to protect investment;

Support third-party development

It not only provides API interfaces and multi-language SDKs, but also supports running third-party applications to accurately implement industries;

Reduce construction costs

Provide multi-level standardized software and hardware integrated products to effectively reduce AI purchase, deployment, and maintenance costs.

Function description

  • Advanced AI capabilities

    Integrate dozens of deep learning algorithms with independent intellectual property rights specially optimized for edge devices; It brings together multi-target, multi-dimensional perception and alarm engines such as "human-machine non-human" behaviors, attributes and events; Supports cloud-edge-device unification, can install and update algorithm engines and models online, and achieve full-process feature value transfer;

  • Powerful view management

    Supports access to IPC/NVR video streams for AI analysis, real-time video preview, playback and cross-network forwarding; it can also access image information pushed from capture devices and host systems to extract target structured information and achieve 1:1, 1 :N and various applications such as image search;

  • Compatible with various devices

    Supports Yuncong protocol, GA/T1400, GB28181, RTSP, ONVIF, RS485/232 protocols and three-party API interfaces. It can not only reuse traditional security equipment, but also access and manage smart terminals such as facial access control machines and ID verification equipment; collect and aggregate data from card readers, IoT probes and other IOT sensors to meet the requirements of superior applications and supervision.

  • Open empowerment interface

    Supports WEB API interface, and provides C/C++, C# and java multi-language SDK development kits and device access gateway programs to facilitate the integration needs of different customers;

  • Data security compliance

    It has multiple physically isolated network ports, supports HTTPS communication protocol, and adopts high-strength encryption algorithms such as AES256 and National Secret SM4; it provides a privacy protection mode and can conduct business legally and compliantly without storing or transmitting personal privacy information ;

  • Easy to deploy and use

    Full Chinese WEB management backend, zero-code start; supports high-definition video output, a large screen to grasp real-time business dynamics; standard software and hardware integrated product form, supports 4G/5G wireless networking, plug and play, easy to batch copy.

Application scenarios

Safety production, smart kitchen, smart fire protection, smart community, smart campus, smart business, smart government affairs
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