Proxima Centauri Infrared Binocular Module

Product advantages

Output facial image

Infrared live detection, outputting the best face image;

Safety certification

Certified by the Bank Card Testing Center (BCTC);

USB2.0 output

Output through USB2.0 interface, flexible and convenient;

Function description

  • Infrared binocular module (Cw-Fl3105A), size 41.6mm*31.6mm*27mm;

  • Infrared binocular module (Cw-MN2051B), size 63.08mm*13mm*9.6mm;

  • Supporting infrared live detection, outputting the best face image;

  • Supporting output of face attributes (angle/distance/position) and RGB live video streaming;

  • Supporting 0.3~1.0m, and three-dimensional face deflection angle ±25°;;

  • Supporting outputting 1920*1080 (30fps) black and white video streaming;

  • Cw-Fl3105A, supporting outputting 2048*1536 (25fps) color video streaming;

  • Cw-MN2051B, supporting outputting 1920*1080 (30fps) color video streaming;

  • Supporting multiple encryption and decryption algorithms: SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4, SHA, etc.;

  • Supporting signature and signature verification, and multiple security certificates, including clipper chips;

  • Certified by BCTC and Ministry of Public Security Testing Center, FCC, and CE, etc.;

Application scenarios

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