VisionCloud Data Management Platform

Product advantages

Hardware access

Supporting access to hardware products from multiple manufacturers to reduce duplication of investment;;

Provide multiple models

Providing various networking models such as national standard, Manu, and Auto, and optimizes the selection according to the situation;

Peer-to-peer transmission

Supporting multi-domain video point-to-point transmission, cross-level point-to-point transmission, and cross-level streaming;;

Function description

  • Able to manage no less than 5 million cameras;

  • Able to manage not less than 2048 external domains (lower-level platform nodes managed by it);

  • Supporting 10 levels of upstream and downstream networking;

  • A single forwarding server and a single network card support concurrent on-demand of 760Mbps;

  • A single streaming server with dual network cards supports concurrent on-demand of 1400Mbps;

  • A single forwarding server and four network cards support concurrent on-demand of 2200Mbps;

  • Supporting GB/T 28181, Onvif, RTSP and other standard protocols;

  • Transmitting video, audio, data and other information between cascade platforms based on standard protocols;

  • Completing the bottom-up vertical multi-level cascade of district, county, city, and province networking nodes through tree networking;

  • Video monitoring systems cascade connection achievable through Manu networking;

  • Supporting cross-level and cross-domain point-to-point, cross-domain video point-to-point transmission, and cross-level video streaming;

  • Providing unified system configuration, a DCS configured management business end based on BS architecture;

Application scenarios

Parks, buildings, communities, hospitals, schools, large bank, security and other scenarios;
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