AIoT platform

AIoT platform

The smart IoT platform integrates unified device access, unified message communication, unified device management, unified system management and other capabilities, supports multiple standard protocols for unified device access, ensures secure data communication, and decouples devices and applications through object models and device shadow caching mechanisms, to provide full-scenario IoT services such as alarms, work orders, timing insights, and scene linkage to achieve complete device life cycle management and build an intelligent world where everything is interconnected and humans and machines collaborate.

Product advantages

Support for multiple device access

Unified device access, supporting MQTT/CoAP/HTTP/Modbus/BACnet and other standard protocol access, supporting built-in protocol SDK access third-party system platform access;

Quick Survey

Leader’s view, supporting dimensional statistical reports such as industry fields, application scenarios, product types, equipment groupings, etc. It can quickly survey the real-time status of all equipment and provide IoT data support for leaders’ decision-making;

Data security

Data communication security: equipment security and uniqueness are ensured through equipment certification, and equipment data transmission link is encrypted, providing multiple protections to ensure equipment data security;

scenario linkage

Application scenario linkage: supporting the configuration of trigger events, inspection conditions and scene actions, and defines linkage rules between devices in a visual way;
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