First AI library in Guangzhou—Cloudwalk redefines the spiritual corner of a city with AI technology

Recently, Guangdong Is Developing New Infrastructure, an article published in the special column of Pearl River Weekly, based on the theme of “New Digital Infrastructure” in Guangzhou, reveals how the new Nansha Library applies a great variety of scientific and technological innovations to overcome the shortcomings of traditional libraries. The process is like an “blockbuster” about cool AI technologies. Cloudwalk, as a leading company in the Chinese AI industry, carries a number of innovative AI achievements on Qingzhou Platform, demonstrating the “power of cool technologies” and creating “the first AI library” in Guangzhou.

As the “first AI library” in Guangzhou, the new Nansha Library attaches great importance to the application of scientific and technological innovation, achieving the application of five major innovative technologies. Cloudwalk has created the “face recognition” services for Nansha Library, two innovative applications of which are still groundbreakingly new in the Chinese AI industry, realizing a new breakthrough of AI in the domain of new infrastructure for libraries.

Cool technology 1: Borrowing and returning books with face recognition

Cool technology 2: Personalized services realized by AR glasses

Cool technology 3: The first library to apply the navigation of resource services

Cool technology 4: Passenger flow and thermal analysis


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